We are a Costa Rican company dedicated to the design, development, and marketing of commercial products made out of leather and related materials. Backed by over 60 years of family tradition in the art and technique of leather tooling and bookbinding, cueropapel&tijera® was born as a new way of understanding design through traditional craftsmanship and content of cultural value. The project was formally founded in 2008 as a venture of designer Sofia Protti Coto, who inherited from her maternal grandfather his passion for leather, the art of "crafting," and the commitment to high quality.

The bags, purses, briefcases, notebooks, and accessories strongly express the character and aesthetics of the leather itself. Its naturalness, in both texture and form, is genuinely exposed so making our products objects of great identity that talk about the story behind them: hands with years of experience in leather crafting carrying out processes of cutting, sewing, and assembling each of our pieces in the most intact way.

A wide range of leather colors blends in harmony with the simplicity of design and functionality that cueropapel&tijera offers. The designs are born from the inspiration of the designer, who finds the greatest richness of creative stimulus within Costa Rican landscapes, moments of our own daily life, and within the beauty of leather.

Our proposal is rich in cultural content and high-quality; it has contemporary designs and is young in the way it is managed. We efficiently combine traditional production processes with agility and technology in sales and communication processes, so making cueropapel & tijera® a competitive and modern company that retains the best of its legacy.

We are happy to do things with love, exalt the value of our culture, and to foster human talent. All of it is finally reflected in each of our pieces, making them a true work of Costa Rican art.