Continuos improvement processes

Cueropapel&tijera launches the new facade of its store at Paseo Colón and redesigns its website in HTML5 version.

The Continuos improvement  process is one of the biggest commitments of Cueropapel&tijera. The new facade of the store at Paseo Colón has a modern and elegant design, where its products are exhibited and points out a very noticeable difference to ease its location.


With the remodeling project, Cueropapel&tijera also takes in consideration the improvement of the workstations, as well as a renewal of its branding image, which is now a little bit more fresh and has as a graphic icon the ?ampersand? &, already characterized for them. ?We want the brand to distinguishes by its name, which our costumers adore and remember easily; as for the colors, the intention will always be to give prominence to the product?, said Adriana Carrillo, graphic designer of the project.


The advances of the brand go beyond local store. In the virtual world, the website lunched at the end of last year, which has an online sale platform for dealers and retail costumers, was relaunched this week in its HTML5 version. Carlos Zegarra Restani, manager of the project and owner of the web developer Tormenta Cerebral, explains that the website has been redesign in an adaptable version known in spanish as ?Adaptative Design? and ?Responsive Design? in english, these sites arrange themselves in any type of screen of the different mobile phone, tablets or computers.


This trend answers to a new vision of Internet communication called ?mobile first?, that since the rise of ?smart? mobile devices and their increasing global use, demands to the Internet platform developers to prioritize the mobile display  over their desktop version.


Restani, besides leading the programming of the site, is the developer of the platform that manages the site content, which is very agile, versatile and efficient, allowing the site to adapt to its changing needs.


Cueropapel&tijera in adittion of its web site (now with a responssive design), has an internet communication team (community manager) that keeps the social media pages, the blog and the site always with the latest information and the contents of more interest  for the users of the brand. This effort is noticeable and very important these days in which Social Networks are an important mean for spreading a message to the target audience, that ends in technological updated and accesible website from any part of the world.


 Note that the site is 100% made in Costa Rica, created by Costa Rican developers and designers.